Fave Live Albums


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I don't get the "life changing" or "affirming" feelings from live albums that some members seem to experience.

I generally don't like live albums at all.

Most to me are utter rubbish and they just sound too distant, or unbalanced in their levels......I dunno, I'm just not convinced about them.

If I want to actually hear a band live.....I'll go and see them.

I've owned two live albums in my life.

1) A Phish album which was god-awful and the band sounded and acted like a bunch of idiots.

2) Delicate Sound of Thunder by Pink Floyd.....now THAT was not too bad.


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slipknot- 9.0 live
slipknot - day of the gusano
rammstein - volkerball
gary numan - here in the black
kraftwerk - minimum-maximum
obituary - dead
cannibal corpse - live cannibalism
planet x - live from Oz
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Rush 2112 Live at the Capitol Theater 2976
Eagles Hell Freezes over tour
Led Zeppelin
It's what I grew up on


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Dire Straits Alchemy, fantastic audio experience and I love Terry Williams’ drumming. His kit was mad, huge rack toms, must have been 14, 15, 16.
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John Scofield Pick Hits LIve. Quintessential Dennis.
Thanks for this one! Although I know every single note from the Scofield albums with Dennis on drums I was not aware of this one!

Have to add here two:

Peter Gabriel Secret World Live with Manu Katche on drums - the best band PG ever had for me.

Sting Bring on the Night (Live in Paris) with Omar Hakim on drums - also an incredible good band!


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Because a picture is worth a thousand words... ;)

1591359071942.png 1591359106685.png 1591359153658.png
The last one mainly because i was there and i make a brief cameo in the audience on the live dvd/blu-ray haha


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Marshall Tucker Band - Where We All Belong
Atlanta Rhythm Section - Are You Ready
Eagles - Hell Freezes Over


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The first live album that got me hooked is 'Live Wood' by Paul Weller.

Some sublime playing by Steve White throughout.

I played along to that to death. No overdubs also like some 'live' records.


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UFO - Strangers in the Night. Because I was there in Chicago 1978 and Micheal Schenker!
Pat Travers - Go For What You Know
Ozzy -Speak of the Devil
Zep - How the West Was Won


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The first live album I bought was Buddy Rich Big Swing Face. The next was Zappa's Roxy and Elsewhere. Both are still on my top five/desert albums list.


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Otis Redding - Live in Europe (Al Jackson, Jr. on drums)
Van Morrison - It's Too late to Stop Now (Dahaud Shaar on drums)
Bob Dylan and The Band - Before the Flood (Levon Helm on drums)