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"Uncle Larry"
I've participated in this discussion previously, and I resigned myself to the fact that I don't do things like most others. I can do 18 per second, however I can't maintain that for more than about 15 seconds at that rate, at this time, so I am always trying to push past that. And my forearm muscles (the muscles that control my fingers) are definitely working because I definitely feel it. The pain I feel is purely muscle working. It's not a harmful thing, it's beneficial in that it tears itself down and grows back stronger. (like building biceps for instance) I couldn't do close to that that a year ago, so I know I'm making progress. I've been doing this for 5 years now and no carpal tunnel, no problems, no all, not one except for faster more precise even sounding singles. Perhaps I shouldn't be giving advice about this because because I have done extensive wrist work (a whole nother thing) before even working on the fingers. If I ever get Youtube capability I will demonstrate how I do it for everyone to comment on. I was taught a great technique in the eighties, specifically different wrist and finger exercises (done with a drumstick on a drum or pad) that allows me to play with my fingers doing probably 98% of the motion, the wrist does move, but only as a secondary consequence of my finger motion, my elbows don't move at all, like I said it's like a one handed clap with my thumb on the side of the stick and the bottom of my wrists parallel to the floor. The stick travels straight up and down, floor to ceiling
Why am I doing so many singles?
I want to be able to play the fastest cleanest most satisfying singles EVER. You could say I'm perfecting my rudiments, starting with the first.
I do them while driving, I typically drive 2 hours a day down the highway and practice them on my steering column.
While I respect everyone's method of doing fast singles, there is more than one way to do it. I'm proof of that. My fingers, not my wrist, drive the stick, no doubt about it. Pick up a stick and do a one handed clap. The wrist is doing nothing to drive the stick, it does flex as a consequence of the hand opening up, but its all fingers doing the "clapping". I really have to get Youtube capability. And hey I'm not saying I'm right and you're wrong. Matt you broke a record, and I am in awe of that. Manginis record is like 20.78 per second for 60 seconds, I believe that I can do 24 a second but I'm still probably 2 years away from that minimal. And Casper thanks for your gracious reply, no hard feelings. You are right in that I was premature in encouraging finger technique first without mentioning that the wrist has to be developed first, and that does take considerable time.
Matt, I don't have a drum o meter, I use the second hand on a clock to give me a rough idea of how fast I'm going. I do triplets and accent every 6th stroke and I know I can fit 3 full sets of 6 in a second. I go for the burn, it's how I get faster and develop more control, but a lot of people on here disagree, and that's OK. We all have to find what works for us. I will work on getting digital video recorder.


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OK, so now I'm at the hotel in Anaheim hanging out on the internet until NAMM opens.
I plan to have a burger at lunch. Lol, did I miss something? Ok, I see it now. I get the joke. You've got some great Myspace music btw.

Hi Larry, I'm certainly not putting you down. I just don't understand your method, that's all. I do think you need a Drumometer if you want to reach that goal. I've never known anyone who used those alternative timing methods, who wasn't at least a little slower than what he thought.
Matt, thanks for your ears.
Its true that this topic have been discuss a billion times, thats why your coments bring
me a a smile :- )

Larry, your words: "We all have to find what works for us."

I agree!

I dont like very much the competitions, I love music and Im looking forward to technique
everytime like a tool. But I wish you luck in your quest!


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I've been using one of Derek Roddy's exercises for awhile and I feel like I've got good progress.

(150+ bpm)
In 8th notes:
- 4 per hand 2 minutes
- 8 per hand 2 minutes
- 12 per hand 2 minutes
- 16 per hand 2 minutes
- Singles 2 minutes

I'm alternating every day using some custom weighted sticks (about 200g) at 170-180 bpm for endurance and using regular 2b sticks at 190-200 for speed. In about two months my comfortable fast single speed rose from about 170bpm to 200bpm.

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ive recently switched from matched to trad grip because i find it more comfortable, especially for jazz
i still dont have as much speed as i had with my fingers and wrist action of matched...ive been looking at mangini 's practise method of really jus playing constantly....but i am already comfortable with this grip but dont know how to get speed..
is it purely a muscle issue or what???
any comments would be appreciated!


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its a matter of adjusting to the grip and getting comfortable with it, then you're wrist will start to develop certain muscles and get stronger, so you can use trad grip easier and faster