Fast single bass drummers, besides Bonham


Jojo Mayer has some excellent (and fast) single bass drum technique. I know he does the swivel like George Kollias.


Early in my drumming I was very impressed with Bonzo's single pedal speed. But I have to say that Nicko McBrain took it to another level. I still can't believe that some of the stuff on the "Somewhere In Time" album is done with a single bass drum and a single pedal. It is the fastest single bass / single pedal stuff I believe I've ever heard.

As far as good double bass drummers, has anyone mentioned Brian Downey? A rock shuffle master, he also shuffles the bass drums. Of course he also played straight double bass stuff too. Not fast by today's metal standards but very fitting to the music IMO.

Since we're on the subject of fast....I think speed is a lot like salt on food. Used in the right places at the right time, it can really perk things up. But use too much too often and it gets in the way and can be hard on the ears, IMO. But if speed is salt, then music is food and not everyone likes the same things. Some people love a lot of salt on everything, some don't.


Vinny Appice has very good foot speed. He is also one of my favorite drummers. He just plays with such a unique style.


Vinny Appice does.
That being said, when doing fast kicks on the bass drum, you need to sound clean. Thats where it gets tricky.


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I have to say, Stan Bicknell, though not enormously famous, delivers amazing single pedal.
Thomas Lang uses double pedal+, but his speed and articulation with each foot is definitely worth mentioning.