Fast single bass drummers, besides Bonham

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Aynsley Dunbar, Ian Paice, Phil Collins, Chad Smith, Colin Bailey, John Stanier(Helmet), Brian "Brain" Mantia, Carl Palmer, Don Brewer, Leonard Haze(Y&T), Nicko McBrain, Carmine Appice, Ginger Baker, Bill Wade(Moxy), Jerry Shirley, Dave Holland, Vinny Appice, Alex Van Halen, Bobby Blotzer, Rick Allen, Bill Ward, Mitch Mitchell, Peter Criss and John Rutsey.

Good Double Bass: Peart, Aldridge, Carmine Appice, Cobham, Van Halen, Tim Alexander, Joe Franco, Tommy Lee, Simon Phillips, Bozzio, Ginger Baker, Eric Singer and Bobby Rock.


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Denny Carmassi
Check out Rock Candy on the first Montrose album.
Dennis Chambers makes me go WTF?

As for Peter Criss,he is a so so drummer from what I've seen.
Lot's of flanger ,not much chops.
Rick Allen?
Not in the same class, as the drummer for Def Leopard was pretty much Mutt Lang and a drum machine.
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Vinnie Parello - Spiral Starecase

I love you more today than yesterday. Which when first heard a lot of drummers took notice of Parello's foot work.


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Don't forget Don Brewer from Grand Funk Railroad...

I saw them live a few years ago and the man still has it.


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gotta mention Nicko McBrain of Iron Maiden. Super fast single bass drum chops.
I believe he has only once used a double pedal on a song and hated it.


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Nightwish's ailing drummer Jukka Nevalainen has pulled out some great fast single bass like this track, during the verses.

I say "ailing" because for you non-fans, he's dealing with severe insomnia, which is no joke. That can kill you. He's been replaced with a temp while he tries to recover.
you just quoted the person that got me into drumming :) I even met him and the manager once haha. Lovely blokes, and very talented player through all the spectrums and styles. Whilst i grew up listening to jazz and chose jazz drummers as my tutors, i still absolutely love him.