Fast Crashes


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My local Guitar Center has a used A Custom Fast Crash for sale. I've been eying the Rezo crashes for sometime but I thought I'd look into this one. I hear people either love it or hate it, mostly people who don't like it say it's too quiet and that it breaks really easily.

I play mostly rock, so would a fast crash be a bad choice? I wanna buy used because it's cheaper, but Rezos are fairly new ( I think) so I'm not sure how realistic that is.
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A "Fast Crash" or "Thin Crash" would be my choice for most things because they speak so quickly. They are very musical. There is nothing worse than a Crash that's a great mound of metal that only speaks when it is absolutely hammered.

The trade-off is in projection, so you may want a larger size.

I don't believe they are more likely to crack. Any cymbal will crack if you play it incorrectly - in fact most cracked cymbals I see are thick ones, but that is probably because the drummers that select them are less likely to have good technique. (take time to research crashing technique if you haven't already done so).

On most gigs I use A Zildjian Thin crashes & a Paperthin Crash (Platinum), but also K's from before they had the weight choices.