Fascinating raw/uncut vid of Turkish craftsmen making Bosphorus cymbal


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Are these guys all skilled craftsmen or are some just told "Take this hammer and hit this piece of metal until it's all dented"?
There's a difference?

I didn't really see any of the often referred to 'hammer it, then listen, then pick a correct spot to carry on from' type thing.

Machines are certainly more consistent. And if a CNC program is made that produces outstanding results, it can be
repeated time after time without error or deviation.

Captain Bash

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Sabian has much more art, science, and control. Why buy Bosphorus? Maybe price and an accidental good cymbal.
For me the sound and feel of Bosphorus cymbals (at least the Stanton Moore/Groove and EBCseries) works better particularly in lower volume more dynamic settings. A good cymbal doesn’t require particularly high levels of technology. Comparison of the various videos shows that the Bosphorus and Istanbul etc cymbals are in general more hand made than Zildjian and Sabian or Paiste. So as a consequence you get some duffs on the other hand you can get some really superior cymbals.