Farmer foot drum


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That looks like something I’d invent LOL. You see the real sticks - I wonder how long they last. You could always buy one to keep in case your break both arms-then you can still play. The singer can use this to replace the drummer. Rush can reform with one or the other playing this foot drum. I hate it already-ban the dang thing. If you only you could motorize it like bumper cars that would be a bang.
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I saw one of these on craigslist a while back and was tempted. It had a nice natural finish like the one in this video, which is also a good usage demo. I think it would be pretty cool to play this with the feet and keyboard with the hands. I think that could have an overall percussive feel from a playing standpoint, but with chords and melodies.

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I want it! Would love this while playing keys or guitar, as my real equipment gets in the way too easily, and the snare heel trigger is brilliant.

$3,500! I guess I’ll keep dreaming
I don’t have a use for it but a lot of guitarists sure seem to make good use of it. Some cool usage vids on Instagram page if you’re on that platform and scroll through.



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Most of their stuff is for guitarists to fill out the sound.

I have one of their single-headed bass drums that I picked up on CL for 50 bucks. I use it for little trio gigs, etc. Sounds really nice for what it is. I might buy a matching tom for it.


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I can imagine it takes a lot of practice to get this sounding right. But once you do, you're a one man band!
Too pricey for my blood, but it looks like fun.


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Stuff that that always reminds me of this: