Farewell my friends :)

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Dear Drummerfriends

As some of you knows, I'm on the verge of moving to yet another country, I'm returning to the UK very shortly, with all the turmoil it creates when you have to establish yourself in a new foreign environment, finding jobs, finding a property and being able to regain a "normal" way of living.

While I love this forum and the members more than you can imagine, I feel I need to be away from this place which has been so addictive and so pleasurable for just under 2 years now.

My daily input here has been tremendous and I enjoyed every single moments sharing drum talk, laughs, cartoons, music and all what makes this forum such a wonderful place to be, with friends and drums loving people, but my focus right now is set on very important issues in my life at this stage, and as such I feel compelled to withdraw myself from this amazing brotherhood that Drummerworld has become for me.

I will ask Bernhard to change my profile as a guest here on DW, as the willpower to refrain myself posting here is far to addictive to resist, how one is quitting smoking if the cigarettes are readily in front of their nose all day... willpower is not one my inner strength when it's about letting go something which is dear to my heart, so as such I felt it was the best resolution to take.

I will return to this forum once my life is somewhat sorted out, especially that I have unfinished business with a certain lady who still owe me a post :)

Thank you to all of you for your support, friendship, humor, discussion and all what makes this place so good and so alive, you know who you are ;-)

I will make my best to attend the London Drum Show in London this coming October were I will hopefully meet many DW members.

So until then... farewell my friends.

Best ever regards

Henri - MAD - Mad About Drums

Bo Eder

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Take care and get settled into your new place Henri! We will be awaiting your return ;)

'Til next time,


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From an unbelievably selfish standpoint, this makes me very sad but I realize that are you doing what you must for yourself.

Take care of yourself and know that if and when you decide you can make it back..we'll all be waiting to see you :)

Take care and good luck!

Mary O


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Wishing all the best, been a pleasure reading your posts. I'm sure I will be reading them again in the future.


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Good luck on your new adventure, Henri!

I'll miss you here, but then it'll be a treat when you come back!

Be well, my friend.


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I can't believe what I'm reading!
(Can't you just scale down a bit and continue posting? ...)

Thank you so much for all your contribution to this forum, and that has been a lot both in terms of post count and quality. You will surely be missed. I'm also looking forward to you rejoining the forum in the future.

All the best in your endeavours


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I agree with Marys post.But I get it.You'll have much to do in the move ,but remember Henri,we're here for you my friend.

A friend is the guy you call at 3 in the morning when you're in jail and ask him to come bail you out.

But a true friend is the guy who's sitting next to you in your cell and says"that was fun....let's do it again".

I believe most us are the latter.Be well my friend,and may the road rise to meet you.

Steve B
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All the best Henri. Im not here that much now too, but everytime I lurk, I look up your posts. You're a fine gent, and Im sure Andy will take good care of you in the UK. Change is inevitable. embrace it!



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Im sure Andy will take good care of you in the UK.
Yes, of course :)

Henri, I understand where you're coming from. You have some big stuff to sort out, although I'm not completely convinced total abstention is necessary, of course, that's your call. I take it you've sold up in France now?

Aside from all the snivelling bastards on the forum, be sure to stay in touch with me during your transition/move. If there's anything I can help with, you know where I am, & how to get in touch with me. Don't hesitate my friend, nothing's too much bother.

Until London ;)


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Henri, this makes me sad. I hope you come back with vigour soon!

I absolutely understand though, life takes precedence to (what I consider to be) a hobby and if you feel you must leave temporarily, then you should.

I don't know which part of the UK you're moving to but if it's anywhere near me then we'll go for a pint when the dust settles! See you in October though, certainly.


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But - but you are one of the first people to be my friend on here :( You have been kind and funny and good-humoured and tolerant.

I will miss you.


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Henri, take a leave of absence if you must, but hurry back. I hope all goes smoothly for you and we see you back here very soon.



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Henri - Best wishes on the transition. You'll be missed but we'll be waiting for your return when you are ready!



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Say it ain't so Joe. (Sarah Palin joke...)

I'll miss you Henri. You seem like a sincere person I'd love to meet someday. We'll take bets on how long it'll take for you to return. Hopefully you'll take a longer break than Bo did when he said "no more drum kits, I sold em all...". That lasted about a month :)

be healthy and see you soon.