Fancy New Pics


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Since I just purchased a new HHX Groove Ride, I decided to take some fancy new pics of my kit.

Full Specs:

20x18 Spaun Kick
15x13 Spaun Floor Tom
14x5.5 Legend Snare
21" Sabian HHX Groove Ride
18" Zildjian A Custom Crash
14" Zildjian New Beat Hats
LP Cowbell
Tama Iron Cobra Single Pedal
Tama Roadpro Hi-Hat Stand
Gibraltar Snare & Cymbal Stands
DW 9100 Throne

And now, the pics!


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Drifter in the Dark

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You have a 15 inch floor tom with a genuine RIMS mount? I'm jealous! I've been wanting one of those for a long time...same goes for the groove ride. I can only imagine how incredibly smooth it sounds with the brilliant finish. Some people say that piano black is a dull finish, but I think it's classy and timeless. I also love the fact that you have no rack tom. Very nice setup!


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Thanks Drifter! I bought the Spauns used, and the RIMS Dynamount came with the 15" tom. The groove ride is very sweet, and fun to crash! I've been searching for the perfect ride for a long time and I think I've finally found it. As for the finish, it's hard to tell from these pictures, but the kick and floor tom actually have a black sparkle wrap. The snare, however, is a plain glossy "piano black."


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Whoohoo! Another Spaun on the site, and what a beautiful setup too. Love the Rims mount on the floor tom. Would be great to hear some sound clips. What heads you got going on there Boomy?


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Thanks for the comments guys. I'll try to address some of the specifics for you:

Setup: I am really liking this 3-piece setup. I do have a 12" tom as well, but I've decided to downsize my kit for economy of playing and transport. So, I've put the 12" tom and a second crash cymbal away for now. On the playing end of things, I've been spending a lot of time studying the art of the funk groove by guys like Clyde Stubblefield and Jabo Starks, so I've really been focusing on the essential pieces lately. I've also been a fan of Reni from the Stone Roses for a long time, and I always liked how he worked a 3-piece setup. I was also inspired by Jojo Mayer's "New York Grooves" video, i.e. making the most out of a small kit. As for transport, it's almost a pleasure transporting and setting up this kit because it involves pretty minimal effort.

Heads: I have always liked the Remo Coated Ambassador on that snare, coupled with a Hazy snare side head. I have tried other batter heads, but none sounded as good as the Remo. I'm using Aquarian heads for everything else. Superkick I on the kick batter with a Force reso. (Sublime. I love this kick. It sounds wonderful and really makes its presence known for a 20".) For the tom(s), I change it up now and then. The resos have always been Classic Clears. For the batter side, either a Texture Coated (single ply coated) or a Performance II (2-ply clear).

Sound clips: I will work on that. I have an older clip, but I am not happy with the tuning I had going at the time, and it doesn't include my shiny new Groove Ride. I will try to get a new one posted before too long.


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Awesome. Looks very fun. Nice new addition with the GR too.
I like using just 2 cymbals and hats, it's a blast.

You could always use the 12 on the hat side, if you started really digging the "no rack tom" set-up too.

Have fun!!


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^ Thanks! I have considered placing the 12" tom to the left of the hats. I've even considered a 4-piece symmetrical setup, using cable release hats mounted over the kick. Those remote hi-hat assemblies are expensive though.


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i have my kit set up like this right now. i play primarily funk, rock, and jazz. im influenced by clyde and jabo, too. did u ever try setting up the 12 inch tom to the side?


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That is one sweet kit. I love the minimal look of the kit as well as the setting of the picture. It has a very classy look to it. Good job, have fun with those

wy yung

That is one sweet kit. I love the minimal look of the kit as well as the setting of the picture. It has a very classy look to it. Good job, have fun with those
Ditto. It's beautiful.


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as someone has stated above, you could put the 12" tom to the left of the hats. you could also put it on the right side between the bass and the floor tom for like a two floor tom look......


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Wow, I missed this bump. Thanks for the comments, guys.

RE: The 12". I haven't tried setting it up on the side, but I may do so one of these days.


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I am very interested in buying a spaun drum kit, is there any way you could get me some sound samples? I am stuck in a smaller city so cant test them out. I am particularily interested in the snare.