Famous drummers and their fanboys.


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Anyone feel sorry for Travis Barker, Joey Jordison or Neil Peart for having fanboys putting them up on pedestals. Saying that "their teh besststs!" etc.

Take this comment for example, which was on a Buddy Rich youtube clip:"1 travis barker 2 joey jordenson 3 lars ulritch 4 niel part 5 jon bonhem  thesie r the f'''ing best drummer ever dumbass go lern somthing noob"

I mean come on. What's with the comparing. What's with the blatant faboyism and horrible grammar? When did music become a sport of displaying and comparing techniques, instead of sharing and inspiring other musicians/drummers?

You'll never hear the drummers themselves saying that they're the best.
some people need a role model/idol. and to feel good about this they need to be sure that their idol is the best ever. and to feel safe about their opinion they need a large amount of people to agree with them. and to feel even safer about what they think, they need to convince you.

i don't feel sorry for any of the pro's, they're doing what they love which is awesome. they probably don't say they're the best because they know there is no best.

to me in music i think its silly to say what you like is better than what someone else likes. people form their opinions based on different value systems, yours or mine is not suddenly better than someone elses.

saying kids don't know things about drumming or music is doing above. they know what they like, and thats the best to them.

ballad isn't better than barker, neither could do what the other can from what i've seen. lars is better than vinnie at being lars.


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I think it is far more intense, but different. Women hate as a group and mostly out of spite. An example is any of the womens weekly glossy magazines. Witness the headlines. Bikini disasters! So and so jealous after gaining weight! What happened to so and so's waistline. Famous actress in relationship squabble. Why did this so and so play around with this other so and so's boyfriend??

In all my years I have never seen men put down other men in print form like I have seen women do. Outside of politics at least. And the result of all this hatred and envy and competition? The magazines sell in the millions each week.

Nietzsche said "Woman is the enemy of woman." and from what I have seen I agree.

I never did buy the idea that the female was any less spiteful or more moral than their male counterparts.

Back to topic.

When I was younger I was a bit of a fan boy of Carl Palmer. :)
Wy, old pal, that was a fine thrust. My turn to parry *evil grin*

Comments like the below on YouTube which took me all of five minutes to compile ...

joey jordison is [expletive] terrible compared to George Kollias

WAhahha 746 [expletive] idiots on youtube :D gtfo xD Joey rocks :D

Mother f* Tomas Haake kicks the [expletive] outta joey.

travis barker just dont get it.amazing how stupid he is!!

The best drummer in history, [expletive] what anybody else says they can go to hell
[said about Lars]

... clearly show that women don't have a mortgage on bitchy competitiveness :)

In my time I've been a fan girl (not to be confused with groupie) of Ian Paice, John Bonham, Aynsley Dunbar, Bill Ward, Roger Taylor, Simon Kirke, Mitch Mitchell, John Densmore, Ginger Baker, Ringo, Charlie, Joe Vitale, Chris Slade, Carmen Appice, Keith Moon, Jim Capaldi, Roger Hawkins, Pierre Moerlen, Jim Keltner, Bill Bruford, Michael Giles, Joe Blocker, Danny Seraphine, Alan White, Joe Morello, Roger Wilcox, Nick Mason, Prairie Prince, Carl Palmer, Billy Cobham, Michael Waldon, Steve Gadd, Michael Shrieve, Chris Franz, Steve Scales, Steve Smith, Stevie Wonder, Charles Hayward, Pip Pyle, Harvey Mason, Phil Collins, Chester Thompson, Terry Bozzio, Steve Ferrone, Tony Williams, Arthur Tripp, Rick Marotta, Famoudou Don Moye, John Guerin, Airto, Rob Hirst, John Bliss, Gene Krupa, Mark Kennedy, Jon Farris, Don Alias, Steve Prestwich, John Annis, Cliver Bunker, John Prior, Barriemore Barlow, Bonny Bonaparte, Danny Carey, Robert Wyatt, John Marshall, Chris Cutler, Elvin, Papa Jo, Larry Tolfee, Dale Cleary and, of course, Moe and Meg :)

(and no, this is not a copy & paste list - I really have gotten off on the playing of all these players and can name the playing they did that blew me away most)

Guess I just like drummers :)

PS. Forgot Neil Storey from Dragon and Freddie Strauks from Skyhooks :)