Faith restored - again :)


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Remind me of the Crash Kings.

Here they are doing the history of electric guitar without using a guitar.
Loving that!!!

That floor tom leg on the piano looks cool!
Hmmmm ;)

Oh yeah. Very cool.

And I love that keyboard !


Very sweet Andy, not heard of this band before thanks for sharing.
I stumbled across this via a FB link - it has it's uses.


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This is real and wonderful in every way. All 3 players nailing it, & a great example of supportive drumming too.

Hendrix on boards anyone?
wowza ... that was really something. Haven't heard anything that interesting in a while. Definitely a guitarist that somehow fell into a keyboard. Loved the bass player too. (The drummer must love playing with those guys!)

To the Aussies on the forum, are these guys well known down yonder?

Thanks for sharing! I've already sent this off to my fellow musician buddies.