Fair price to sell one of my kits?


I'm looking to put one of my kits on Craigslist, and not real sure what a realistic price would be. It is a 5 piece Mapex Meridian birch. 12,13,16,22 with 14 snare. Will come with hi hat stand, pedal, at least one stand. It is about a year and a half old it is the cherry to natural fade( can't remember the actual name) it is in pretty good shape not like new because when I got it a couple of the rims were bent and the bass drum had a scratch on it.
The better heads have been replaced within the last 6 months with Evans g2 and the bass drum is a power stroke 3. I don't play this kit often so not many hours on the heads.
What should I ask or what should I expect to get out of this?
Thank you in advance.