Fair price for Supraphonic


Saw one CL with asking price of $225. Keystone badge, baseball bat control, I think a P83, and a serial number that I believe dates it as 1966. Looks really good in pics.

I wasn't really in the market for one after my recent Acro purchase, but it always seems like stuff comes up after a purchase. Would this be Ludaloy or COB?


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If it's COB for that price, that's good. It's probably Ludalloy. It's not a great price, but it's not too high either. About right I'd say.


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thats a good price where I live, esp. for a Keystone, if in decent shape. Not sure if 1966 would be brass. I think one can tell Ludalloy from brass either by weight or looking inside at colour. Ludalloy also can have distinct flaking of chrome, depending on vintage.


Pics do show a bit a pitting, so I guess it's Ludaloy. The new Supra I looked at at Sam Ash a few weeks back was already showing blemishes.

Still waiting on a response from seller. May try to look at it tomorrow if possible.

Thanks for the replies.


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Turns out ad was a scam.
Not that it matters anymore.........but, for future reference.............

Would this be Ludaloy or COB?
A '66 drum with a serial number and baseball bat muffler is going to be a Ludalloy snare.

COB's ceased production in '63. They didn't have serial numbers on the badges and had round knob mufflers. Although a select few were made after '63, they are somewhat of a rarity and I dare say one of that era would be fetching more than a couple of hundred bucks.


How was it a scam? Curious as to avoid a potential pitfall myself. thanks.
Apparently this "seller" copied and pasted the actual pics used in the of the ad by the actual seller of the drum previously. My inquiry to the ad requesting specific details went unanswered.