Fades - orientation / direction ?


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Hey Gang,

Just a random curiosity about “fades” on drums. Personally I really like them (usually), but theres a thing I noticed that sorta drives me crazy, and I’m wondering what the forums thoughts are on the subject.

I did search for answers, and came up empty, other than a couple “example” photos that I snatched, for illustration only. (and I do like both of these kits in the photos, but I apologize if someone didn’t approve..for some reason.) ��

Anyway, my curiosity is this:

Why do fade “sometimes” have the faded side the same (batter side) on kick/toms, and sometimes its opposite?

For instance, the sonor shown has the darker “fade” on the batter side of toms, but not batter side on kick (as shown on mapex).?

Does anyone have a preference as to which way looks better?

I think sometimes , depending on the angle and colors, it can look “upside down” if they match fade to batter side- and sometimes not.

- lets suppose it was flames, instead of fade. Shouldn’t the flames “flow” from reso to batter on the kick, and I would think it looks good flowing “reso to batter” on toms as well. My logic tells me this should go for fades as well..but hey, who knows?, im just bored at work. ��

No offense to anyone, I like a good fade regardless. Just thought it'd be a fun/interesting topic.

Please give me your thoughts on the fade?