Factory Yamaha Heads- what are they?


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So I got my my set of Yamaha Live Oaks yesterday and they came with heads marked Yamaha BE Batter as the batter heads and the reso heads are marked as Yamaha Batter ( no BE batter on these ones). They are all marked as made by Remo. The bass drum batter head is also marked as a Yamaha Batter made by Remo, but it looks an awful lot like a Powerstroke 3.

So my question is what exactly are the heads they use on these drums and are they decent quality?


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Probably ambassadors but I’m not 100% sure. I have several Yamaha factory heads and they look almost identical to regular Remo heads to me


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Stage Customs come with Remo Taiwan Ambassadors - the ones with pressed steel rims. But I presume the higher end models would have USA Remos as mentioned above.


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My AHM kit came with the same Remo BE with the Batter mention on both sides.

I contacted the shop and they told me to look closely for emperors on top and ambs on bottom, and sure enough there it was.

Seems unnecessarily confusing, but they were decent heads.


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They come with Remos... whether they are Taiwan made or USA made depends on which level you end up buying.

It gets confusing with the Taiwan made Remos too because they have multiple lines within. UTs are made with the same Dupont USA mylar that the USAs are just made in Taiwan, UKs are made with Korean mylar.

Not sure if this helps, but here's the list from looking at the Yamaha site (yes I was bored):

PHX: Clear Ambassador or Clear Ambassador w/ PS3 on bass (both sides).

Hybrid Oaks: Clear Emperor over Clear Ambassador with PS3 on bass (both sides).

Tour Custom: Clear Amb over Clear Amb with PS3 on bass (both sides).

Recording Custom: Coated Amb over Clear Amb, PS3 on bass (both sides). 18" BD gets a Coated Amb for batter.

Absolute Hybrid Custom: Clear Emp over Clear Amb with PS3s on bass (both sides). Again 18" BD Coated Amb for batter.

Live Custom: Same as Absolute Hybrid Custom.

Stage Custom: UT Clear top and Bottom (Taiwan Ambassador) with UT P3 (Taiwan PS3) on Bass.

Raydeen: As far as I know not Taiwan Remos, just cheap heads.


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My 2005 RC's came with Yamaha Clear Pinstripes. The kit was never used till I bought it & the original heads are still on. Sounds amazing :)


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Thanks for the help guys. I suspected they were probably Emperors and Ambassadors but it’s good to have confirmation. Should be no need to swap them out till I get to play them a little bit and see how I like them.

Stefan Brodsky

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Not sure what kind of sound you're looking for, or what kinds of music you play, but I can tell you that I went thru quite a few heads on my Maple Custom Absolute Nouveaus from all 3 major manufacturers, after purchasing them in early 2010. I have finally settled on some Remo Coated Vintage Emperors for the 1st rack and floor tom over clear Ambassadors. I use an Evans G1 Coated on the 2nd rack over a Clear Ambassador. For some reason the larger rack sounds better with a single ply. Anyway, there are a lot of different websites/videos out there which can help you, once you replace the factory heads. Hopefully you won't have to spend 8 years trying to dial in your new drums, as I did.