Facebook-only gear companies

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I wasn't aware any companies existed with only a facebook page.

I think any serious company should have both. They need the dot com address first, and then also need facebook, twitter, you tube and so on... it's all part of marketing, and keeping up with trends is crucial. But YES any serious business needs the dot com first.

The Old Hyde

Ive searched for products, some non drum related and found they only have a fb page link. I turn to the next manufacturer right away. maybe they have the best stuff but it screams cheapnesss to me.


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I have noticed that FB is the new normal for promoting a small biz. The traditional website is kind of Old School.
That's what I was wondering, but it's hard to grasp because a (proper) web site provides much more information, proprietary layout for a better identity, faster loading times, and none of the extraneous FB stuff. A site is just a far superior delivery method in terms of the information. I guess my original question is more about determining if Facebook alone provides enough information or generates sufficient interest for people to explore that company or product. Do people just require less info now in order to make purchasing decisions?

Personally, before exploring/purchasing most items, I need more facts than Facebook alone can provide. I don't fault anyone for wanting to utilize the fabulous networking and promotional opportunities that are available at basically no cost, and I don't think that FB-only companies are necessarily shady. But if I can't seek additional information, I move on. It's simple business: I need to know a certain amount of information about the product, and sometimes the company, before I can give someone my money.

I would think that in this extreme information age, facts and details are more important than ever. Or is that also an old-school concept? Now that would be ironic. I relish the ability to access info, opinions & reviews, and make price comparisons on a fairly instantaneous basis. But, maybe I'm old-school and don't even know it!



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Well when it comes to getting product information for researching a purchase I'm not going the business's site anyway (FB or .com). I may go there briefly to get the official specs or pricing or something, but to get actual input about whether or not I trust the product to be any good, I'm going to places that have user-reviews, like here, amazon, gc.com mf.com, new-egg.com, etc. And even those I don't trust entirely, but it is one source...


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I wouldn't even toy with the notion of buying gear from a FB only company, unless they had built an astounding reputation in the drumming community...which seems like it would be hard to do.

Like Bermuda, I feel like FB offers very limited space for proper organization of detail...I wouldn't flip through an entire company's photos for some specs...just too lazy I guess.


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Facebook alone is not enough. It's too self-limiting, and why would a business want to do that? By all means, have a presence on Facebook; businesses that don't embrace social media are dead. But there's no reason why someone should stop there. Heck, if nothing else, build a website and then Tweet links to content on it.