Explanation of Rock & Roll...

Les Ismore

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The Doors

Tenacious D

Marylin Manson

and others all say "rock is dead".

Who will be the next Elvin Jones, who will fill that vacant slot in the exalted personna category of the drumming world?

You'll probably at least need to wear gold chains.


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The swing is a rockin, the rock is a swingin. I didn't know that. I just play. if it's good then alright.


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Wow !
I'm quite sure I'm gonna see and hear rock and roll differently from now on.
Brilliant video. A must watch for everyone.


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If you think something simple is beneath you, it's probably because you're sitting on top of it, & that's why it never sounds satisfying.


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Great video....I love Steve Jordan and his historical knowledge and his playing....more please. I could watch an entire day of SJ videos and listen, learn and be happy.

On past threads where I have offered; "ya gotta dig in there" to cop the feel...and "what appears on the surface is not so easy to recreate"...THIS is what I am talking about. ie Tush, etc.

Frank Beard "got" (or gets) it too.


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I just love this guy. He speaks with such passion and enthusiasm. Such a perfect explanation of rock and roll. I especially love how he touches on the greats and the greats that influenced them. Sometimes it's comforting to really see how everything comes from and is drawn from somewhere. We're all just repeating history and adding our own interpretation to it. Kind of like putting our signature on the Stanley cup!