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I started an experiment last night which I'm following through tonight. We're having a 2 gig weekend so a mixture of laziness, curiosity, a shoulder injury and recently having niggles setting things up in the right position led to me wondering if I can do a gig using bass drum, snare, toms and cymbals.
So last night with my full kit I made a point of noting when I used my 10" & 12" toms and if I actually had to. The very first song, The Boys Are Back In Town by Thin Lizzy, has a necessary fill after the second chorus played on snare, mounted tom then floor tom which I adapted between snare and floor tom only, and it worked. And that was pretty much it! Almost an hour and three quarters of Classic Pub Rock covers of AC/DC, ZZ Top, Blondie, Billy Idol etc and there was only one song , The Buzzcock's Ever Fallen In Love, in which during the verse there's a move from the snare to playing a double on the tom, but it's a song I played "incorrectly" for years without that fill so again tonight I'll adapt. Every other song either didn't have fills or if they did they could be played on snare only or with the floor tom too, as an aside it brought home to me how much I use the floor tom compared to the mounted ones.
I'll double check my gear tonight when I pack the car so that I'm taking the minimum hardware too and it'll be interesting to see how it goes with those drums, 2 crashes (usually 3) a ride and hi hats.


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Sounds like a good plan... if i gigged i would probably do that normally cause i'm too lazy to carry a ton of gear anyway :) I haven't played that buzzcocks song in a few years, think i'll try it tonight when messing around.


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Embrace the lazy! I usually roll 3-piece now, with hats and only one other cymbal. From the hit last night…

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I kinda like that though.. anytime i switch my kit around i find it changes how i approach playing things and have to be more creative.. It also guarantees i will spend a week trying to hit things that aren't there anymore cause i r too dumb to remember :) (and play with my eyes closed pretty much all the time, bad habit)


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I don't know. Toms really aren't that heavy. If it is an easy trip then I don't mind bringing them.

It's the stands that are heavy.
Full disclosure. It's a Mapex Saturn and to make matters worse I've got the toms on a floor mounted Mapex double tom stand. Probably the heaviest piece of hardware I've ever owned.

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Use what's needed.

Plenty of drummers use this setup for lots of situations.


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In my new cover band, I’ve been using kick, snare, hats, a crash/ride and cowbell. All classic rock and pop from 60s to 90s. Sounds good, tight and musical. Amazing how little we need to fill and how important the basics are. A solid groove in the pocket and the song sounds great. Singer appreciates the lack of crashes blowing out her ears!