Examples of good swing to play along with


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Here are some Spotify playlists I use often. I like lists that have a singular focus, like all brushes or 12 bar and so on.



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Any Steve Gadd shuffles or his playing on the Manhattan Jazz Quintet albums. Actually, just about everything he plays swings.


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I got one: The Sermon, by Jimmy Smith. The title tune is a 20 blues jam, with Blakey on drums, who plays nothing but a shuffle. Shuffle along with it. The practice your left hand comps, while feathering the bass drum on the quarter notes.


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I always think of swing as big band and its cousin is the shuffle. Both a triplet feel. If you are starting out, you might want to listen to or play along with Little Feat, Waiting for Columbus. Lots of nice shuffle work on that and good learning material.


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One of the most swinging tunes there is:

(Andre Ceccarelli on drums). A bit advanced but it makes you want to play like that!