Every Groove Essentials 2.0 Groove


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Wow I somehow completely missed this thread. It's gonna take a while to go through it all, but so far, I'm really digging it!


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Hey, been about six months since the update. The next one was fairly easy, but 82 - fast took me months to get up to speed. I pretty much did most of these the past couple of weeks, and they're some of my best videos so far of this series, hope you enjoy them :)

Woah, this has been my first update since the forums got updated, it shows previews now! That's insane!

Groove 82 - Slow -
Groove 82 - Fast -
Groove 83 -
Groove 84 -


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And another long while since the last update. Some of these grooves toward the end of the book are hard! I did a few more grooves back in December, but 87 - Fast took me exactly 7 months to nail; those left hand shuffles at 225 bpm are freaking insane! Regardless, I nailed it today, so here's the next chunky update! Looking ahead, there's not anything too hard until like Groove 91 or so, so the next update of 4-5 should be pretty soon.

Groove 85 -
Groove 86 -
Groove 87 Slow -
Groove 87 Fast -


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Like I said, the next four were pretty easy and I managed to score one a week. Not a super fun batch, the linear groove of 89 is kinda cool. But I'm finally done with the Specialty section of Groove Essentials, onto the odd-meters!

Groove 88 Slow -
Groove 88 Fast -
Groove 89 -
Groove 90 -


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Thanks! I'm getting so close to the end, just 10 more grooves! Although they're all the crazy 5/8, 7/8, 9/8 stuff, it'll be challenging mentally but at least none of them are physically demanding. Not like Groove 80, 82, and 87 fast were (which were my biggest breaks because I just physically could not play them at tempo....especially Groove 80 fast, it was a year and half in between, which is why I had no videos in 2018).


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That's amazing dedication! I admire your work, and I love seeing the progress you made. Excellent!


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Yeah the average quality of the playing has improved for sure. The first 4 rock videos, for example, aren't really that great. It wasn't until the Funk section that I started feeling more comfortable and the playing improved. Still some clunkers in the RnB and Jazz section, but I have to say this recent World/Specialty section is overall very solid and has some of my best playing I've ever recorded period!

Part of me wants to go back and redo the worst ones (like 48 Fast or 68) but considering it'll be about 6 years by the time I'm done, I think I"ll just lay this to rest. Plus, there are the Global Tours to tackle afterward, which do go over some of the older grooves.