Every Groove Essentials 2.0 Groove


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Wow I somehow completely missed this thread. It's gonna take a while to go through it all, but so far, I'm really digging it!


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Hey, been about six months since the update. The next one was fairly easy, but 82 - fast took me months to get up to speed. I pretty much did most of these the past couple of weeks, and they're some of my best videos so far of this series, hope you enjoy them :)

Woah, this has been my first update since the forums got updated, it shows previews now! That's insane!

Groove 82 - Slow -
Groove 82 - Fast -
Groove 83 -
Groove 84 -


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And another long while since the last update. Some of these grooves toward the end of the book are hard! I did a few more grooves back in December, but 87 - Fast took me exactly 7 months to nail; those left hand shuffles at 225 bpm are freaking insane! Regardless, I nailed it today, so here's the next chunky update! Looking ahead, there's not anything too hard until like Groove 91 or so, so the next update of 4-5 should be pretty soon.

Groove 85 -
Groove 86 -
Groove 87 Slow -
Groove 87 Fast -