Every drummer should listen to this.. A great, great interview..


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I had to listen in bitesize chunks, but yes, some great logical real life advice. Thanks for posting this :)


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Holy crap that was good.

Deep dedicated listening away from drums

Get past the trappings, and get down to the music

Develop a long attention span

Practice to a metronome always

Too many pearls of wisdom to absorb on one listen.

Good interviewer too, he just let Ed go most of the time.

Thanks David.


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Thanks for posting that, very good interview and something many young drummers (and old) should listen to. I found it worth the time.

He hit on one of the key turning points in my personal playing which was to learn the history behind playing styles and the genesis of the stuff people are playing today.

I remember in the later 80s or early 90s when I was a teenager I brought in a tape of some glam metal band at the time and asked to learn how to play X. The guy looked at me, listened to the song, and said, "I won't teach you how to play that particular song.".........he waited and got the pissed off reaction he was waiting for, and said, "but I will teach you where all that stuff was ripped off from so you can play any of this."........next week I was listening to Steve Smith, King Crimson, Bill Bruford, Cobham, etc.


this is just an absolutely beautiful thing and every drummer must listen

Thank you Ed for pretty much validating everything I teach every single day

he and I see eye to eye completely

so much so that some of the things he says in this interview have come out of my mouth verbatim hundreds of times

thanks for posting Dave