Ever wonder where all the drums go to?


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My daughter and her family are in Bentonville. I think I need to plan a Christmas shopping trip... with a little side shopping for me!
If you do, get off I49 at exit 58. It's just south of Fayetteville (Greenland I think). Head East to Main St (71b). Go north and stay on 71b. It goes all the way to Rogers. In Rogers, head West on Walnut. This will take you all the way to Bentonville. This route is where most of the pawn shops are.


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A lot of very old a some very good kits go from player to play to becoming house kits in bars, or sitting in practice rooms. Our local practice room has rooms full of old kits in storage. Sometime people ask to store them there and never come back, or die and they are left in storage. I imagine in-between a heap of old CW and Performance Percussion rubbish, there's a few old Premier, Sonor and Ludwigs around.

Not to mention all the cheap or battered old kits destroyed in music videos or by singers jumping on them.


Thanks for that Jessica. It's nice to be reminded that the drums are still bringing joy.
Forgot to pop back on here. They are bring my son lots of joy. They are used every day. :) I'm so glad I got him the better kid as he's loving it still. Happy Holidays!


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Alot of people who have no intention to perform out in public also buy drums. So I'm sure there are alot of drums just being owned and played at home. I remember years ago reading some interview and that guy was speculating that there must be alot of attics with a Beatles kit in it because Ludwig was just running 24 hours a day cranking out black oyster drum sets. The situation hasn't really changed. People buy stuff, and it just stays somewhere. Compare that to the amount of homes that have at least a fridgerator - they must sell millions of those things each year considering how many homes there are. Maybe that happens to drums in a smaller amount.
From my perspective this is me. My sets never leave my basement and I just enjoy playing on my own. I have a very heavy marching and concert background and never owned my own drum set until I was 35 years old. I’m not good enough to gig on a set in a band but I just own one to work on a skill I neglected for 20+ years since I was in HS.