Ever think about how coll it would be to replace in-store pianists with in-store drummers?


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You are in you favorite department store and in the background instead of some watered down piano cover of Autumn Leaves you hear the tribal beat of drums.


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Drummers would also be crashing the exits.

I worked in the the city, upstairs from a bucket drummer.

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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Indoors it would have to be a fitting place.

Now, I'm actually travelling around and playing outside mall entrances. It's a bit of a culture political thing trying to inform and promote a change in regards to rock, jazz and general modern pedagogy in public music schools. People that walk or drive by dig it.

I really just keep a slow groove going and then greet those most interested ones with a fill, trick or groove chande, or something...


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It would have to be someone like Brian Blade, who plays very tastefully at low volumes, for it to be even remotely palatable. That might be cool, but anyone else would remind me too much of a Guitar Center drum room, and I'd run out of there screaming.

Then at the end of the evening when the store is closing down and customers are still lingering, the drummer could start playing ffff blast beats to drive everyone else out of the store :)
Are you sure you are a drummer?

Are you sure you're even someone who likes a groove?

My experience says something very different.
Nobody puts baby in the corner.

But yeah, in my experience very, very few people can make drums sound like something you want to listen to unaccompanied. Even they can only do so for a limited time. And none of them would take a department store gig.


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Roebuck’s and Bullocks would hire these guys but the garnish better stay in the display area and not into
the merch. And also 1 free cloche hat box as a right tom allowed per 3 months. https://youtu.be/Qa4Svl6g7aA
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I have no in store pianists in my world.
At a grocery store near my house, which happens to be near a large retirement community they have some old guy playing a Hammond organ on Wednesdays ("Senior Day"). That's as close as it gets for me.


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I have been very depressed since learning that some of the members here have in store pianists, when I don't. I feel discriminated against, I can't help it. I may have to write my newly elected officials and alert them of this catastrophic situation. Completely unacceptable.

I have read that stores utilize the tempo of the songs playing over their in house music system to reflect how management wants customers to behave.

For instance during lunchtime at a restaurant, the music will be faster, so the people will tend to eat quick and go, for a fast turnover.

In a supermarket, they slow it down. They want you to linger longer there.

Isn't being on the receiving end of manipulation just the best?