Ever see a cymbal that wouldn't sit level?


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I picked up an 18" Zildjian A Medium Thin Crash off of eBay. Looks like it's in great shape, minimal wear. Except it won't sit level on a cymbal stand. If this link works, here's what I'm talking about:

Note that the stand is perfectly level, and the felt is also new. Same issue on an entirely different stand. I'm not even sure what exactly would cause this; it's almost like the cymbal is unbalanced. I'll also note that the low side is also where all the stick marks are, so that's where the cymbal got played a lot.

Anyone ever see anything like this? Is there anything I can do to fix it?


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That happens on most cymbals. Cymbals aren't balanced like car tires!
They are rolled, Shaped, Cut to round, and Hammered. Never balanced!
It is the nature of the beast my friend.


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A lot of cymbals have a heavy spot,All of mine do,so when that thing was tilted the cymbal rotated to the heavy spot,hence the stick marks.I still think your cymbal is extreme though.


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The only way I've found this can be avoided is if you tighten down your cymbals as tight as you can. Now obviously I don't recommend this as it damages your cymbal in the long run...



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all of mine do that too, never thought anything of it. just used the tilter to put it where i wanted it and left it


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Well how about that. I'd never noticed another cymbal acting like this, but I guess that's simply a limition of my experince. Feels better To me knowing that this is probably within tolerances.
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This is annoying. I've tried every combination of gear to fix it, and I suppose the only way it can be remedied is by changing the angle of the tilter.

I second the gearless tilter opinion.


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I wish geared tilters would go the way of pitch blacks.
I got tama road pro stands because of the gearless tilters, but the stands were so heavy, I ended up taking just the tilter part and putting it on my more lightweight bases.
Why is there no double braced aluminum cymbal stands? I can't believe no one has really addressed the hardware weight issue. I have a Pearl snare stand that has to weigh 30 lbs. A snare stand! It's just way to heavy for what it needs to do. I got it for the ball tilter, and have to put up with the weight.


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my mapex 750 hardware is pretty light and all of it is ball tilter. i'm not saying their the lightest i've ever had but compared to the cheap crap i had before it, it's not much heavier...
at least to me it's not....


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i know what you're talking about. its fricking annoying, but ive never had a quality cymbal that doesn't do this.


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The ride on our schools jazz set is not level. always changes angles while you're playing... it sound really nice though so i dont even care.