Ever regret selling something?


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I have had over 45+ kits in my lifetime and I lost count with snares... There are a whole lot of items I regret selling lol. I find gear so easily for great deals and I have been a serial flipper.


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My md-60s Ludwig Super Classic set in red sparkle. They were pretty much the standard 9x13" rack, 16x16" floor, 14x22" bass and 5x14" supraphonic snare rig. It also had the SpeedKing pedal. Waht a great design that thing had8^). I could get any sound that I wanted out of it but life got in the way. I found out later that the guy who bought it had it stolen, along with several classic Les Pauls and Srats. It turns out his girlfriend had a little substance abuse problem and had to cover some debts while he was out of town. I told him to join a monastery.
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18" Paiste PST 7 thin crash

I had just gotten a Giant Beat 18" multi. I remember the PST 7 was a great sounding cymbal in its own right but I guess the more expensive price tag on the Giant Beat made me think the PST must be inferior. Pretty silly looking back lol :(

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For the LONGEST time I was absolutely distraught about having to sell my Peavey Radials nearly 20 years ago. Had to pay bills. . .but after having had serious back problems including a surgery, I don't miss them now--remembering how amazingly heavy and huge that bass drum was. It was the first kit I had actually purchased for myself, after over a decade of playing an old Crestline that was found in a pawn shop.


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Great thread! If I could get back my 18” Crash of Doom and 20” Zildjian Constantinople Hi-Bell ride I’d be happy.


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I'm on my first actual kit (not an off-brand, particleboard kit), and I sold the cheap piece of crap like two months ago, and no regrets there. I regret buying a 10-inch Meinl MCS splash, the thing was a $35 piece of scrap metal, had it for a year on a sleeve with no wingnut and it still bent and keyholed. I got a new Zildjian S splash to replace it, and my god does that sound way better. I also regret buying a cheap PDP stand for my china, it moves when i hit the cymbal too hard.


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I bought an old Ludwig Rocker wrapped in beat-up chrome on GC for $199, and rewrapped it and restored it. I don't necessarily regret getting rid of it, because trading it allowed me to buy something much better, but I still miss it. That was a fun project and it turned out looking really nice. Sounded killer, too. I miss that kit.



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In the early eighties I was a broke newly wed, I sold my beautiful 1965 Slingerland kit. It was a long time before I had a nice kit again, I long considered it "the one that got away".


In the past twelve years I've owned some really special gear. I had a really nice 1964 Leedy kit, five or six super clean Slingerland kits from the 1960s, four different Gretsch Stop Sign Badge kits from the 70s, and a clean 1960s Gretsch Round Badge kit. Those are just some of the ones that came and went.

Today I have a 2019/2020 Gretsch USA Custom shell bank, a 2008 DW Collectors Series kit, a 1981 Gretsch Drop G kit, a 1966 Slingerland Gene Krupa model 1N kit, and a 1975 Slingerland Blakrome kit. In other words, my current line-up is better than anything that I could have imagined in the early 80s. I still intend on selling a couple of kits, but I don't sweat it any more.

The real honest answer is that for better or worse I sound like me on any of them.


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In college to help pay bills, I sold off my Tama AW113SB "Sleeping Beauty" piccolo snare drum. A few years later I found another in mint condition and snatched it up. The downside to the drums that had these lugs is that if someone over torqued the tension rods, the lugs would twist and distort their mounting holes.



Haven't been playing drums long enough really to have anything decent to sell but in another life I sold a cheap, white Vintage Modified Squire P bass......Light weight and thunderous with the stock Seymour Duncan PU's , it was that good.....damn.


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I don't really regret selling any music gear. I do regret selling some firearms, and a 1968 Chevelle SS. In the case of the Chevelle, I bought it for $3000, sold it for $3500, but if I'd kept it, it'd be worth 10 times that now. Of course, it'd only be worth that if I sold it...

My thinking, each time I sell something, is practical. I don't need it, or I don't want to have too many so I sell something in order to buy something new.


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I had a 3 Sabian 20" HH Viennese: a single, and a factory matched set. They all sounded great as a crashable ride cymbal. I made money on the matched set when I sold them and broke even on the single.

I really wish I had at least the single back again. It was a great crash/ride but I was stupidly set on using a 21" or 22" crash/ride. FWIW, this was only 4 years ago and it still smarts.