Ever regret selling something?


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I rarely get sentimentally attached to drum gear so I rarely regret selling anything and want it back after I have sold it . There are some exceptions of course and they are :

Whitney Nesting Penguin 16 kit with wood hoops - the best nesting kit I have ever owned ( and I have owned lots of portable kits )- nested the drums have total weight of less than 35 lbs . The Quickframe is brilliant as well .

5” x 14” N&C Maple SS snare in honey maple gloss lacquer - sold it to a good friend , so that tempers the regret .


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I regretted selling my first Speed Cobra double pedal. They felt amazing at first, then for some reason just didn't feel right so I sold them.
Bought another pair a year later, they felt great, then again for some reason not so much, so I sold them.
Then in 2019 when Tama reworked their pedals, the upgrades looked too good not to try, so I bought a third Speed Cobra.

I'm keeping these now that I realize the reason the feel was inconsistent in the past was because I just hadn't played double bass long enough and the inconsistency was with my own footwork.


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My original run 22" earth ride.

I got frustrated with it and got rid of it a few years ago and really miss it. One trick pony for sure but it had it's moments.

I used one provided with a back line kit. Sounded like and felt like hitting an anvil. Perhaps it was cracked. Multi-band setup so I had to jump on the kit and play. No time to inspect it.


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So I parted with a Craviotto limited 6.5x14 cherry snare. It was finicky and didn’t like to stay tuned. Sounded great when dialed in though. Should have kept it. Had a Joyful Noise legacy maple solid ply that was SO good. I had an incoming stave maple drum which matched a kit I had ordered. Thinking I didn’t need two maple drums, I sold the JN to help fund another purchase. The incoming drum, and the kit, turned out to have major build problems, and had to be returned. Fast forward to today, I have a Noble & Cooley maple steambent drum, along with other maple drums so I’m getting by. Sure would like that JN back though.


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90 Ludwig superclassic piano black lacquer. Virgin shells 24,24,18,16,15,14,13,12,10 with matching 6.5 with cast rims, not the standard die cast but the marching ones.


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A 24 inch mid 60s A Zildjian ride. Man it was big and heavy. I was eighteen and just getting started. I still have the 20 inch that it came with, but thirty years on, I wonder about that big ride.


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Drum wise no. Only time drums get sold is out of necessity. I might not be happy about selling them, but the money gained has always served a greater purpose, like eating. I dont buy too much drum wise, usually only what I will use, so i dont really have much extra laying around.

Guitar wise, yes. I always end up with odd or unusual or just not very popular guitars. Then I sell them and can never find another one, or they become discontinued and super expensive, and then I cant afford another one.

I buy guitars like art. Sure I play them, but prefer to look at them hanging on the wall. Funny, I dont get the urge to play them that much until I have to sell one. Then the one I sell I want to play.


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I let go of a 1960s vintage Ludwig Pioneer in blue deco when I was getting a divorce and deep in debt. I sold it to a music store for peanuts and they resold it for over $400 if I recall correctly.


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60's 20" Zildjian, 60's 14" hi hats. I did find similar ones that I bought a few years ago. That ride though...I don't think I've ever heard one as sweet as that one.


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Like many, I had to trade in old stuff to get new stuff. I only regret selling a few things but only years later, not right away. I have the gear I want now. Peace and goodwill.


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Getting ready to regret selling my pristine 1966 Ludwig Super Classic. I need to let it go because of space issues and I typically use a smaller set indoors and for outdoor or nasty venues, I use a Stage Custom set that if something were to get spilled on it, or has to sit in my hot car all day while I'm at work, I don't mind..

The Super Classic sounds wonderful and it'll be a very sad day for me when I finally get the stones to put it on the market. I keep putting it off.


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My first bass bought new from the factory, and, my first fretless... bought on layaway, made a bus trip every two weeks to make payments.
Finally got it, and played it almost non-stop for over 6 years.
Sold it in financial desperation... a long time ago, and miss it still.

No drum gear regrets, yet... Give me a minute. ;)


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1st generation David Garibaldi signature snare. It sat untouched in the case for years, and I sold it during a pairing-down phase.

I did later get a 2nd gen model for a good price, but still covet that 1st gen model.


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Paiste 2000 Sound Reflections 20" ride, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.


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:oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

Green Vistalites are the rarest color because nobody bought them back in the 70s. Supposedly, Ludwig only made 50 kits in green. They fetch a much higher price than the other colors because they're so rare. Were they concert toms or 2 headed?

From Drum Magazine.

The toms were two headed. It was a double bass with matching snare. I feel sick.......