Ever regret selling something?

C.M. Jones

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Maybe my full setup of Paiste Signature Series cymbals. I decided to transition to Zildjian As and Ks just to go for a different sound, but I didn't end up liking the Zildjians as much. I almost returned to Paiste before Zildjian released the S Family, which is what I play now. They sound more like Paiste than Zildjian. I could got back to Paiste at some point, but I'm pleased with my S lineup and have no desire to jump ship right now.


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Hi IBite. Selling my Slingerland 1980 Country Road 671T Kit with 6 1/2" COB snare. Was just married and going back to school to get my EE. The year was 1991 or 92 and needed the money.


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My 1999 Pearl Export. Was my first kit and regret selling it. I had two kits at the time and decided to sell the Export because then i though that a suspended tom system (on the Osan kit) was better then the Export mounting system = better drums. Still look with nostalgia to the pics of those days. Other thing i regret selling is my Zildjian 18" Oriental Crash of Doom. Didn't liked it anymore, but now i wish i kept it to make a stack or use as a secondary crash.

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Mapex Black Panther Black Widow 5 pc kit. Elegant transparent black lacquer finish with brushed nickel hardware. Thin shell North American maple. Stick saver type Soniclear hoops. Sounded great too. What was I thinking? Good question. I think I had like 4 kits at the time and was thinning the herd. There was point where everything I had was for sale as I was trying to get into a Sonor kit. It's not so much that I regret selling it as much as remembering it fondly.


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Joey Jordison snare
My 14” matching floor Tom to current set.
oh well...got a 13 rack Tom on the way.
Regret selling first kit as well.


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I've sold and traded guitars, amps, PA gear, mics, etc. I think when I know when it's time to go, it's time to go. I've not let anything go that I regretted.


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I do not own a lot of equipment, but I get in these dumb moods where I think to 'pare down' (usually when playing out more).
My thinking at the time: "I have an aluminium snare, why do I need two? (Premier 2000 snare) "I have an 18 crash, why do I need two " (Paiste Giant beat 18) ...and on and on. I've gotten wise though, I hold on to ride cymbals.


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10 piece Ludwig green Vistalites, cases and 6 Zildjian cymbals. I actually I donated them to the local high school back in 2000. Never thought I would ever have time to play. I asked the current band director and she said she’s never seen them. Oh well......
:oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

Green Vistalites are the rarest color because nobody bought them back in the 70s. Supposedly, Ludwig only made 50 kits in green. They fetch a much higher price than the other colors because they're so rare. Were they concert toms or 2 headed?

From Drum Magazine.



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10 piece Ludwig green Vistalites, cases and 6 Zildjian cymbals. I actually I donated them to the local high school back in 2000. Never thought I would ever have time to play. I asked the current band director and she said she’s never seen them. Oh well......
OMG I bet it hurts more now than then. I'm guessing you didn't know they were rare. I just found out too. Like finding out that you gave away a winning lottery ticket years ago


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There's been a few. As a recovering GAS addict this might trigger a relapse!

* 70s Slingerland Festival Snare with moulded case absolutely mint condition.
* 80s Tama Superstar in Tobacco fade
* 1984 Chicago big keystone 402 (I have the guy from Neds Atomic Dustbins 402 which is the same model but the one I sold was in better condition)
* Arbiter AT maple kit
* Hayman 26/13/16 kit
* 14" Rude Hi Hats


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Wouldn't call it regret, but my first drumset. I sold it to help pay for my second drumset, which is my pride and joy and I still cherish that thing more than any other musical instrument I own.

I later wanted to buy a secondary set to teach lessons on and for the occasional jazz gig, and I thought my first set would have been perfect for it. I just needed to fix it, buy a front hoop/head for the bass drum etc. But needless to say, being five years later, that I wasn't going to get it back. So I bought another old Pearl a few years newer, fixed that up, and used that instead. And was perfectly happy with that. Now I sold that and replaced it with a nice small Sonor Bop set, which I'm, in the end, much happier with.


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I always had to sell stuff to buy other stuff. I never had the cash to just buy outright. I've sold some sweet gear I wish I still had. Early 80's 6.5 x 14 hammered bronze Ludwig snare. That thing recorded beautifully. 1972 Ludwig 3 ply clear interior Bonham kit. I pieced it together from different sources and refinished it. It sounded great. Too big to to make the trip when I moved south from PA to Nashville. Paiste 22" dry heavy ride. Great bell and really nice defined stick sound. Not crash-able was the only other reason I parted with it. Various Yamaha recording custom kits. I wish I had one for recording still.


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Has to be the Starclassic Bubinga kit I owned for a short while (2007-2008) in antique natural burst. Allthough I wasn't really 100% in on the finish, I think the main reason for selling it was that I really wanted a big doublebass kit in the end, and felt that I couldn't afford to upgrade the Bubinga kit to as big of a kit as I wanted, especially after finding a mint condition used Starclassic B/B in a doublebass configuration, for about the same price I got for the SC Bubinga.... But I would have been really happy with that Bubinga kit now, as it was probably the most high-end kit I have owned, everything just felt classy on that kit, sound, hardware, craftsmanship, handmade shells from Japan.... Yeah, definately miss that kit.
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My 07 BMW Z4 with 6 speed manual with 50K miles. It was rare enough as it was, but also had M package. Wow that was fun.

I needed more room to haul clients around, but regretted it the moment I sold it. Wait...was this a drum only thread? Title didn’t say so!:ROFLMAO:

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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Not drum gear, since the only thing I've ever let go is the Catalina snare.

When it comes to guitar gear that's a different story and it was while I was in school had some health issues and needed money.

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My original run 22" earth ride.

I got frustrated with it and got rid of it a few years ago and really miss it. One trick pony for sure but it had it's moments.
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