Ever notice how fast your playing?


My band video's our jams every session & we sit down & pick ourselves to peices everytime,but recently i've noticed that we sound faster on video then when were actually playing.
What i mean is,it doesnt feel like im playing that fast when we jam,but lookin back at the footage,it seems where actually pretty quick.
Has anyone else ever come across this sorta thing?You think ur just motoring along,but when u see ur self(& hear) ur seem to play really fast.

metal overlord

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Yeah my band does that all the time.

Our songs are very fast as it is, but live we almost triple our speed. It's rather frightening because you don't realize it until you see your 12 song set began at 5 and ended at 5:15.


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Yeah, this is a very interesting phenomenom. I'm constantly surprised how fast I'm actually playing, not that I am necessarily trying to be fast, it just doesn't feel that way when I'm playing.

A friend of mine made a song with a fast double bass part on it and asked me that can a real world drummer play a 180bpm double bass pattern. I just said "easily". Then I heard the tune and was wondering how freeking fast did he make the part. It sounded like 300bpm pattern to me. =P But then I asked about it and it was 180bpm. Same thing happens when I'm doing such thigs on jam sessions. I just do something like 190bpm double bass pattern and afterwards hear it recorded and wonder how could I play that fast with that kind of precision. I don't even practice that sort of stuff really, not at that tempo anyways.

It's amazing how all the adrenaline and focus and trance makes our time slow down.