Ever manage to 'buy back' gear you wish you hadn't sold in the first place ?


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About 6-7 years ago, I bought a Gretsch New Classic snare - 6.5 x 14" cherry lacquer, die cast hoops. It was a beauty. Don't remember why I returned it or traded it for something else - but always wished a could have that one back.

Just before Christmas - I saw a local add for a Gretsch New Classic bop kit...the whole kit in the same finish with the same snare. I wondered if it could have been my snare. Asked the owner if he would sell just the snare...he waited for a few days and then got back to me saying he would. Great price too, less than half of what I paid for it originally, and with a ProRack bag too!

It is my exact snare, based on where and when he got it, and also because he left the puresound snare + straps I put on it. It needed a new snare side head, other than that, perfect condition.

And so now it joins my Gretsch 'Hybrid' kit - Gretsch USA 12/14 toms and 20x14 Broadkaster bass. It's a good blend here, the USA toms have that great Gretch twang, the Broakaster bass drum has a nice vintage warmth and punch, and this New Classic snare is slightly heavier shell then USA or BK, so it projects well.

Anybody else manage to find and re-buy something they wish they could have back or shouldn't have sold in the first place? The one that got away but then came back years later ?



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a few times, and every time I realised there was a reason I sold it in the first place and ended up selling it again... :)


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Only once, and only because I was still friends with that drummer 20 years after the sale (and to this day.)

It's a 5.5x14" Slingerland 151 student model (April, 1961) and I'd used it on TV and for some other cool projects. A wonderful woody, open, throaty drum. I had a cymbal that he wanted, and we made a trade. :)




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I have gotten rid of a couple of things and was able to get them back. There are many more that I’ve gotten rid of and have no idea where they went. One of them was a 6 1/2 x 14 power tour custom Yamaha snow drum that came with my kit finished and black lacquer. I never did like it I sold it approximately 15 years ago and my tastes and snare drums have changed since then and I thought I might like to have it back. I was able to track it down and found it in Arkansas I’m in Kansas. I traded the guy A new 6 1/2 x 14 orange county snare drum with that ash finish and die cast hoops straight across for my old snare drum. It’s all banged up now and the chrome is peeling off of the hoops their aluminum diecast hoops. But I’m glad I got it back. The guy said his parents were coming to my town in a couple of weeks this is where they originally lived and he would send the snare drum with them and I could drop off my orange county drum when did and they would bring it back to him in Arkansas. It couldn’t of worked out any better. The other thing I bought new in the store I had to order it. A Sabian AAX Omni 22 inch I loved it but it didn’t fit in with the band that I bought it for ,so I took it back and bought another cym. that fit the band better. About six months later I was in the store and it was still there and I ended up buying it a second time LOL I still have it


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When I used to flip gear, I would create ways of indicating that I had, indeed, owned them, like sharpie marks on the inside of cymbal bell holes and wadded up little bits of paper inside lug casings, etc. There were some pieces of gear that I ended up buying and selling four times! :)

I'm still looking for a particular drum set I sold a while back. I'll know it when I see it, on CL or eBay...