Ever just bought all new hardware all at one time?


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ive got mish mash as well, from pearl, premier, mapex, gibraltar, yamaha, tama, ahead, and some generic stuff as well. only time ive ever dropped money on new stuff was investing on some mapex falcon stands and snare stand, the snare stands are good, but the cymbal stands ive had to replace parts on as they were duff when i got them, so i got replacement parts free of charge because they were new and under warranty.


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This asks the question: At what point does one need new hardware? I bet your hardware was nice and new at one point. Does well taken care of hardware really need replacing?
That’s the key is ‘well taken care of hardware’.

Call me crazy but -
When I got my Vistalites I didn’t want to get new Luddie hardware or even the older Atlas.
I wanted the same era of hardware that would have been outfitted with that concert tom kit.

So I got Hercules hardware for it, it was at times elusive and expensive but the hardware I’ve amassed is a nice collection of Herc gear, I’d say in $1200-$1500 range worth. Though I’d never gig or take these out, all is functional and that’s why I wanted these 1” tubular suckers. Only thing is plastic wing nut on one of the booms will slip from time to time, I put my oldest crash so it doesn’t tilt and it hasn’t.

I plan to do the same with my Rogers kit as well with vintage swivomatic line.

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My Pearl kit new came with all new hardware so that's a given. I did buy new Yamaha 700 series hardware pack. I dont use the pedal, i have no issues with my DW so why switch, but the rest is amazing. All the cymbal stands also have a hidden boom that resides in the upper tube so its there if needed. Great bit of engineering. Hi hat has the swivel legs which some lightweight stuff doesn't. I use this stuff exclusively because its light, well engineered, and sturdy. No regrets and it wasn't too bad price wise. I have bought stands here and there over the years but never stuck to 1 brand.


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My stands are a mix of PDP (acquired early) and Yamaha (acquired recently).
Each brand has multiple pieces which were all gotten together at time of purchase, so yes, in a way I have. :D


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First and last time I did that was 1980. 10 Tama Titan boom stands, 3 Titan snare stands, hi-hat ..... and 2 bass drum pedals.

Lot of water under the bridge now, and pretty much all my hardware is now Yamaha 600 and 700 series single braced stuff ..... and all bought used. I did buy my 2 hex racks new (version 1's, on sale just before discontinue).