Ever have your body realign itself when drumming?


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I have elbow issues with a nerve in my left arm. I was doing finger technique exercises with my pinky and I felt a pop in my elbow and felt relief from tension I usually get when drumming. Now, days later the elbow still feels good and drumming related elbow pain is gone.

Anyone else had something similar happen?


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Sounds freaky. Do you have an ulnar nerve issue from cubital tunnel syndrome? You may loosened some adhesion with your exercise that was restricting the nerve. What luck. In my early 40s I got this godawful viral conjunctivitis from one of my kids- my eyes poured vile substance for two weeks. My opthamologist told me it was so bad it would likely scar my corneas and alter my vision. At the time I wore bifocal glasses. Well I finally healed and was able to get back to work and he was correct it must have altered my corneas, however it was to my good fortune as my vision actually improved and I no longer needed my bifocals. He couldn’t believe it.


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I have felt my back pop once when I straightened myself while playing, and I immediately felt a relief of tension. Since then, I pay very close attention to my posture when I play drums, since I want to still be able to play drums every day when I am in my 80s 60 years from now. People in my family generally live for quite a long time (three of my great-grandparents lived well into their 90s), so I want to be in very good shape in old age because the day I sit behind my drum set and find that I cannot play anymore is the day that I will start to feel old, and question why I am still alive when I can no longer do the things I love.


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Just last weekend I woke up both mornings with a stiff neck - right hand side at the back, tight into my right shoulder.
On Sunday afternoon I played loud music outdoors on a warm summer afternoon, and by the end of the gig my neck was fine!