Ever have to shut down one of your arms for a while?


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Hey all,

New to the forum here and back into drumming after a 15 year layoff. Curious to see if any of you have ever had an injury or condition which caused you to have to shut down a limb for a while.

I have developed a painful issue in my right wrist, probably either tendonitis or bursitis, something that had always been there after lifting weights but on a low level. But now that I'm back into drumming, obviously my wrist is under a whole new level of repetitive motion and I guess I practiced a little too much to start but whatever happened, it's been pretty badly aggravated and now I think I just need to shut it down for a couple weeks.

So back to the original question, if any of you ever experienced anything like this what did you do to cope? I am pretty much thinking just work on my left hand and feet, I play double bass. It's a bummer for sure as I'm so motivated right now it's killing me to not be able to play!

Interested to hear back! Thanks for reading!


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Not an arm but my right leg from heavy use on the bass. One time my knee locked up and a few other times just a cramp in the right leg. Luckily I have a double pedal and just used the left. Very frustrating.


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Yes. And some advice. Drum pads and super tight heads can be murder on fingers , hands, and wrists. Try not to pound on either. Loosen your snare head for practice sake and it will help. When my joints feel less than proper I try running hot water on them for a few minutes prior to playing. I am 2 months from 70 years old.