Ever have a drumken neighbor visit your band rehearsal?

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All I can do is laugh and shake my head at this one. the other night my band got together for a quick rehearsal before Tuesdays gig. about ten minutes in, the neighbor from across the street comes over and asks to watch, he says that they sit on their front porch listening and enjoy it etc. Anyway, he is holding a large mug and he reeks of scotch. im not even closer than 10 feet and I can smell it. after a couple of runs on new song ending he speaks up and asks to go fetch his saxophone. needless to say the night went downhill from there. my guitar player felt so bad for being put on the spot by the guy. what a mess!


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Oh... the neighbor who plays saxophone... wow that must have been something to witness. That's what cells phone do now, record for posterity's sake. You should have... yes, you should have.

Bubba used to say (a really good saxophonist I know) that there are 2 kinds of saxophonists One kind actually knows how to play, the other kind hangs this pipe around their necks and blow.

As a side note: Years ago we used to have this dobro player show up (drunk of course) to jam, even tho' we weren't jamming... and we were a rock/dead/ccr/zep/purple/Motown/stax/fame kind of outfit... he was terrible. Sadly, but necessarily so, the guitarist blew his freakin' gourd one night and WENT OFF on the poor fellow. He never showed up again, but, wow did that guitarist let it freakin' rip. Sometimes I guess it comes to that.
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