Ever fit a 22" BD to a 26" BD? Dirk Did!


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Cool thing, it shows to what lengths some guys go to, to get a particular studio sound.​
So many guys ask ... "how do I get my drums to sound like X?" Well, dig yourself up a Frankenstein kit, stick a 26" kick in front of your 22 (and mic it with 5 mic's) .... it's all pretty simple ... if you have a lot on money ....​
And yeah, the drummer's killer.​
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Dirk is really probably one of the greatest metal drummers to ever live. I've listened to Soilwork and everything before and never realized it was his playing, it was when I found out he was splitting drum duty with Ryan on Devin Townsend's Deconstruction album this past year and his live performance/rehearsal videos doing that madness that I realized how amazing he really is at what he does.

I didn't realize he was the one playing for Thordendal's new album... can't wait to hear when that finally comes out, even more so than before. I'm not a big Meshuggah fan but I love Thordendal's work, especially the Special Defects stuff.


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I love the way Dirk plays. It's very refreshing to hear something other than the constant blast or skank beats I seem to find in most modern metal. I see this is with Frederik Thordendal, so I think I have to find this album. Right now.

Erm, what album am I looking for, exactly?