Even the pros have one gear mishaps


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Mike Portnoy reacts to gear mishaps by throwing a tantrum onstage....

Just want to put it out there...

I've seen a lot of musicians out on the road who have tantrums that are completely out of their normal character. All that travel and new places, the same idiots in your space all day/night, and unique issues of each town and venue can wear down even the most patient people.

Not excusing Mike, just mentioning something I've seen.

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Rush concert on their roll the bones tour, Alex broke a string. He waved over to the side of the stage to get his guitar techs attention. The guy didnt notice, Alex kept furiously waving over while playing, finally walked over and thew the guitar over the guys head as he was trading off with another one. he was pissed!


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Man, Ive seen that guy play some of my favorite stuff and Ive seen him play some of my least favorite. I guess he covers the whole spectrum of what he sees as possible. He is an amazing drummer, pushes the boundaries. I feel like I can never tell what is a gear mishap and what is him experimenting.


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I saw Metallica on their Justice for All tour. During the title song, they had a giant statue of Justice, (I'd guess about 30' tall) like on the record cover, and it intensionally collapsed during the song. Except in Toronto, it didn't collapse correctly and the head came down and took out 1/2 of Lars drum kit mid song. To his and everyone's credit, they all played right through while a swarm of roadies tried to put everything back together, and barely missed a note. And it was huge.



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Randomly stumbled onto this clip earlier today. Mark Guiliana and his band on stage in Japan recently having no end of gear mishaps/issues.

Drum and keyboard problems all over the place. See 1m44, 3m13 & 4m16


Good to see the band react to the issues with good humour and grace though.
Ahhhh...that great Gretsch sound!

I've never seen a drummer impersonate a typist before.