Evans vs Remo Mesh heads

So, at this point everyone knows about the Remo Silent Stroke Mesh heads, but i can't seem to find any info on the Evans SoundOff Mesh as they appear to be quite new(?).
I was hoping someone here might have compared these before and enlighten us on the topic. Prices are similar, both are singleply, how is rebound, durability and of course noise cancelation?

PS. I am aware that both are a hustle to setup, but it's for a more permanent small kit at home!


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I haven't used either of those but I have played single-ply mesh heads (Pintech) for years and loved them and highly recommend 1-ply heads.
Very quiet - what little resonance there is does not get drowned out by the metalic sound of multi-ply heads.
Relatively natural rebound - single-ply can be "tuned" nice and low reducing rebound as much as you like.
The Pintech heads are remarkably durable. I played the same set for over 6 years, about an hour every day and they still looked fine.


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I have the Remo's on back home, but haven't played the Evans ones. So i can only comment op the Remo version, but they're great practice heads. Quiet and have a natural feel.


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I use the Remo Silentstrokes - good response though admittedly a touch bouncy but tuneable and importantly quiet. I change them to my Emperors for rehearsals and gigs but don’t see it as a hassle, it’s actually helped improve my tuning as I’m doing it fairly often.

Mr Farkle

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I played the Remo's a lot. Sorry I can't speak to the Evans but one question I would ask if if they are slippery. That was my biggest issue with the Silent Strokes. I must do some glancing when moving from drum to drum because when playing the Remo's it felt like my sticks were sliding across the heads. Other than that they were great.