Evans ST Dry vs Genera Dry


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Hello, all. I have an older Maxwin by Pearl C.O.S. 14x5.5 snare that I completely tore down, sanded down and repainted. Im now putting it back together after a few modifications to the paint,and now Im stuck on head choice...
I first had an EC1 coated with reverse dot on the Maxwin, but I wasnt a big fan of the higher overtones and the mid frequncies being so prominent. I still want some ring, but dry enough that its not anoying. So I have narrowed it down to these 2 heads(the EC1 found a very good home on a Pearl Export 14x6.5 I just aquired hehehe). What do you guys think will be the better head? Like I said, Im looking for life, but not a super tremendous amount of ring, and some punchiness without making a cardboard box. Thanks in advance. This is going to be my weekend project with the results being recorded on Sunday evening. Stay tuned.....(pun intended)

PS...btw, for bottom head and snares, Im going with hazy 300 and puresound blaster 20 strand wires with strings....not that its going to make much difference....


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Hi Blastbeatkeeper,

I would tend to recommend the Genera Dry, based on your description of a desired sound. The Genera Dry has a bit more life to it while still being controlled. The reso and snare wire combination that you mentioned are spot-on as well. If you want a bit more sensitivity, check out the Hazy 200.



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Thanks for finally getting back to me. I actually ended up taking a used ST dry off of my 14x5 Yammie Stage custom snare and using that, just to see if I liked it or not. And youre right, definetly cut out too much. Not as boxy as I thought it wouldve been, but still too much of the livliness gone. Glad to see you made it through Sandy. Hopefully the storms coming Wed and Thurs. wont be as bad. Thanks again.