Evans needs to make a UV2.

mike d

Silver Member
Okay, I love the UV1 for durability and sound on most drums. I had them sounding really good on my three tom B/B kit, but then I added an 18" tom and... holy crap... the UV1's are not going to work. The 18" came with a G2 clear. It sounded good form the factory. I tried to find a spot to tune the 16" and still get a good tone out of the 18" and it was a mess. The 16" with the UV just resonates too much unless it's throttled by low tuning. I've always thought that having matching heads on 10" all the way to 16" (or 18" in this case) was a problem, but getting the 18" really highlighted the issue.
I love the UV1s but I need a two ply for the larger toms. I got a 16" and 18" G2 coated and *magic* they sound great with the UV1s. So why doesn't Evans come out with a UV2? UV1 top layer - G2 bottom layer. I'll buy it.