Evans Hydraulic Heads

Bo Eder

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Oddly enough, the first time I tried hydraulics they rang like crazy for me. Not single-ply ambassador ringing, but they weren’t the dead sound I was expecting. That comes from how you tune them. This just illustrates the fact that you can make any head sound too alive or too dead.


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I've used them since the 80's and love them. You get people saying, "They sound like cardboard boxes" etc all day, but I've found in using them, I can tune very easily AND I don't need any external damping on the heads.
No moon gels, drum dots & the like.

Plus, they last for-e-ver...*insert Sandlot .gif here*
Very durable indeed.


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YMMV, but...

What they are good for:
People who have difficulty tuning drums (they sound just about the same at any tension within reason)
Durability! (I've had the same set on my Tamas for 20 years).
If you don't like ring.
If you like the "thud" sound.
Probably sound pretty darn good mic'ed up. You may need to add some reverb to it to draw a little more tone out of it.
They will dampen a drum you may find too lively.
You shouldn't need any moon gel or muffling.

Their shortcomings:
Not good if you don't like the "thud" sound.
Not a lot of tone
Not a lot of sustain
To my ears, it's hard to tell when they go dead b/c they already sound dead and worn out from the beginning.

Once again, YMMV.

K Chez

They make for great resos on deep toms. Usually run them and either G2 coated or EC2 clears up top.


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I loved my Evans Hydraulics – I had a cheap set of drums back when I used them and they made my toms sound better. Another Evans product that has a similar sound is the Evans Onyx heads. They are also two-ply but do not contain oil. I use them on my “rock” kit, for playing Sabbath, Purple, Priest, etc…