Evans Genera vs EC reso

mike d

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I just picked up some Genera reso heads for my toms (10", 12", 16").
They replaced the stock Hazy 250's that came on the the kit (Tama B/B).
I really noticed a difference and like the more round tone with less harmonics. It seemed to give the toms a much better, more focused tone, at the expense of a little volume. But... I started snooping around the Evans site and was comparing the reso heads. I really can't tell much difference between these two, as recorded for the web site.
EC Resonant Head
Genera Resonant Head
I would expect less sustain from the EC, but I really can't hear that much difference.


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The EC Reso and Genera Reso are the same heads but for the overtone control qualities of the EC Reso. The result in sound is a slightly more mellow resonance. This also translates to less projection but can be excellent in the studio and saves on gaff tape ;)


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The outer 25% of the drumhead produces most of the harmonic overtones. That's why a snare drum will have a more singular tone when gaff tape or MoonGel is applied to that area.

The "Edge Control" material is designed to reduce those harmonics, allowing the primary tone of the drum to be more present.

I currently use Genera reso heads on all my toms (with G1 clear batters). I love the sustain and open sound (i.e., hearing all the harmonics). However, my 14" and 16" toms resonate too long. To hasten the decay, I've put gaff tape on the outside of the resonant head. It works very well, but I'm tempted to try the EC reso!