Evans G2 vs EC2


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I have tried tuning all ranges on the bottom head, replacing the stock reso G1s with other (crappier) heads to test and even resorting to a DrumDial to make sure I wasn't crazy! The stock heads (G2 clear) that came on the kit sounded much better IMO, although a little 'sharper' than I wanted - hence the purchase of the EC2s. Live and learn - I'll go back to my happy place (G2 coated) and all will be right in my little world.

To each his own....
Hmmm. My kid has them on his Tama Superstar Customs and like I said, they are nice and full. Just goes to show how the same heads react differently on certain drums, I guess.


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I recently replaced the stock G2 Clears with EC2 coated on my Starclassic Maple kit and I am regretting it. No matter what I do, the EC2s seem much more dead both in feel and tone than the G2s. I really wanted coated heads (I like the warmth), but the EC2s just aren't doing the trick for me.

I'm getting ready to re-outfit the whole thing in G2 Coated (and keep the G1 resos).

Be aware, if you do go for the EC2s, the built in muffling is significant.
G2 clear to COATED EC2 is a huge change. G2 clear to clear ec2 would have been very different. I used to play clear ec2's on my mcx and found them very punchy. the G2's i found had more sustain but never did i think they sounded dead. I have tried dual coated on them and it sucked the sound away. It could be a combination of things. The heads, my room, diecast hoops etc.
I used coated G2s over coated G1s on my MIJ kit and the sound was a little to dead for me. A thump, with no resonance or sustain. When I flipped them, it was a much livelier, brighter sound, but still not exactly what I wanted. I went to Calftones over the G1s and I am loving the warmer chubby sound. Just the right amount of sustain with no res control needed. And so far they are holding up well, although I'm not doing any metal drumming.


I don't agree about the frosting at all. In 30 years of playing, I think it's best as far as coatings go. The Frosted EC2's also have a great deal of sustain. What exactly is it that you don't like about the frosting? It doesn't seem to make a mess by flaking off.
sounds plastic, not enough loud, feeling like you can get more from them but it cant.... depends on what you want I guess


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What sound are you looking for? you want more attack or more of a warm sound? that should decide if you want clear or coated.

Now if you go clear, do you want lower sounding drums with a quick decay? do you typicaly put moongel on your drums? if so, get EC2's.

I'm a HUGE fan of G2's over G1's. My reference pure just SINGS with that combo. I personally like the option to put on a gel to tame it, rather than get a head that's pre muffiled. I can usually get the g2's over g1's to sound great with no need for gel's however.