Evans G2 Clear vs. Coated, or...


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I've used both in the past on my Pearl Masters BCX kit. I found that the coated G2's had a bit higher pitch compared to the clear G2's. Obviously sounded warmer and to be honest; my floor toms sounded amazing with coated G2's! Eventually switched back to Remo since their sound just appeals to me more.

Warm and fat balanced sound? Yet again i'm preaching clear Pinstripes ;)
I have them on my kit now (with clear Ambassadors as reso) and my kit sounds just like that. Pinstripes are far from dead sounding; they eliminate some overtones, but still have a nice resonant sound with a full fat slap. Where clear Emperors sing more, clear Pinstripes allow for that nice low tuning without sounding 'off'.


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As a friend wanted to hear the sounds of the heads, I made a short recording without editing, just straight from the mic to the recording.

The kit has the Clear G2/G1 combo on the toms, a Genera Dry/300 combo on the snare, and a EQ3/DW logo head (with 4'' Bassdrum ''O'') on the kick.


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I have G2 coated on the 10 and 12 rack toms and an Aquarian Mod Vint II on the 14FT. All have EC resos on the bottom. The 22 has a Super Kick I batter and Mod Vint II w felt strip reso. Snare is coated Studio-X batter and the stock DW reso. I'm thinking of switching that TCSX for a TCSXPD as the center dot would provide better control.
I'm an Aquarian guy because Vincent Paul Abbott, but I am not stuck to one brand. I find I can get the best sound I like by mixing and matching. That being said, I've not found anything like that EC reso from anyone else.