Evans EC Reverse dot peeling?!?!


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On a great recommendation, I shifted to a EC Reverse dot from Evans. Just the right tone for me, durable as heck, and blah blah blah. Well, I noticed yesterday, the dot (which is on the inside, hence "reverse"...is peeling off (or delaminating). Is this a defect? So far the sound is virtually the same, with or without the dot, and it doesn't seem to mean diddly in making a dent in the snare head...not that I'm trying to, but denting/pitting would normally happen on a Genre HD.



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EvansPM said:
sticksnstonesrus said:
I got the EC Reverse dot. I love the sound it gives. Seems durable enough...but one problem I'm noticing after maybe five 2 hour practices...the silverish reverse dot (on the inside) is delaminating from the head (peeling off).

Is this a defect?
Yes, it's probably a defect. It doesn't happen often...the operator probably forgot to pass the film sheet (w/ dot adhered) through the pressure roller.

If you send an e-mail to CR-EvansHQ@daddario.com and explain the problem...we'll send you a new head.

Sorry for the inconvenience...but we'll get it taken care of for you.

I just wanted to put it out there that I sent a PM to Mike (the Evans rep on here) and got a response very quickly. This deserves praise. Thanks Mike. You represent well.


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Besides the Super Tough, my other favorite snare batter is the EC Reverse Dot. No problems whatsoever with them, and they take a lot of punishment from the butt end of my stick.



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Even better, I got a response from Mark Roldan @ Evans and they have a replacement on the way.

Not too shabby folks.

Bermuda, agreed. Figures my first would be a defect. Some outside energy telling me to go back to Genre HD Dry...I love the EC Reverse Dot though...surprisingly much.


I have only used that drumhead on my snares for years. Honestly, never had a bad one.


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i just switched to the same head a short while ago, no problems and great sound, nice to hear Evans stands by their products though, glad it ended happily sticksnstonesrus!