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My favorite kick batter is the original (1-ply) EMAD, but coated. You can play your kick wide open for a classic thump with a controlled boom. Sounds great acoustically and miked. :)


Been hearing a lot of noise about Evans poor quality control issues with their collars...

I've exclusively used Evans heads for almost a decade now... No such issues at all. My buddy has a uv1 cranked marching tight on a pork pie acrylic snare that he has been beating with big 2b clubs for almost two years now and it still looks and functions like new. D'addario's acquisition has really turned things around over there.


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You rang? :)

Never had a problem with their heads in the 20 years I've been using them.

Bermuda, need your advice. Got an EMAD 2 on my walnut 22"x16" BD. I have one of those KickPro Weighted Pillows. It doesn't seem to making much of a difference because the bass drum booms like crazy! Looking to cut down on the overtones, with a more tight sound without stuffing it with pillows. Would you recommend the EMAD heavyweight? Or perhaps a coated head?


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One down, three to go. Prolly last me ten years.