Evans Calftone, out of stock... Everywhere?


In the last 48 hours I've placed then cancelled orders with musicians friend, guitar center, Sweetwater, Sam Ash, Amazon, drum center of Portsmouth, and a local shop because everyone one of them are out of stock on the different sizes and models of calftone heads that I exclusively use with all of them telling me it's a month or more at this point. The funny part is, the websites say they are in stock until you place the order then they tell you it's backordered... My bank account looks crazy right now.

I reached out to Evans but have not heard yet. I switched off Remo years ago because of Evans lower prices, higher durability, and was of local availability. Well their prices went back up to match Remo and their local availability (that isn't UV1 or emad, seem to be the only product lines they want to sell) is pretty much garbage now so, like many modern consumers, I'm forced to deal with online retail.

*Update* Heard back from Evans, the types of retailers as I've listed above are making less frequent mass purchases as opposed to smaller 'inventory refill' purchases (especially on specialty product lines like calftone) so it causes lengthy delays like this. Safe assumption then that they will be 'competitively out of stock' as consumers shop around. Evans sells directly to consumers through their website so I'll be going that route moving forward and just keep an eye on on the big box stores sales to stock up on cheaper backups.
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