Evans Calftone or Calftone-EQ4?


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After 5 years with the stock Gretsch head, I want to change the resonant head on my bass drum and the Calftones have peeked my interest. Does anyone use these heads as resos?

Both Calftones are the same, except the EQ4 version has a 10 mil overtone control ring - same as my current Gretsch head.

I'm not sure which one I should drop $40.00 on.

Any comments on these or other heads I should consider are welcome.


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I've used a Fiberskyn Powerstroke 3 as a reso for a long time and I like it a lot. The Calftone EQ4 should be essentially the same. I think if you're used to the extra bit of control from a Powerstroke-type reso head I'd stick with that.


I know this is a little old now but I considered and ended up just buying both to see...

The winner for me was the eq4, the regular calftone allowed too much overtone (I don't use a pillow or any muffling besides head choice and tuning) while the eq4 allowed enough overtone while still focusing the punch. I run a calftone eq4 batter with a calftone eq4 reso w/ 5" port @ 5oclock.

Keep in mind the calftone eq4 is a 12mil head with a 10mil ring amd the calftone bass drum is also 12mil where as the calftone tom/snare heads are only 7mil. I like the sound and feel but I could see many people saying 12mil is too thick for a bass reso.