Evans 360 Etched J1 Jazz Heads On Vintage 50's Gretsch Kit


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I installed some new Evans heads on the snare, bass drum, and toms of the old Broadkaster kit yesterday.
I just thought that I would share a video and sound sample. They sound great!
Please read the video description for full info on the kit and the head choices.
The Evans 360 heads fit really well on the slightly oversized antique drums. They tune like a dream!
It took me less than half of the time that it normally takes me to install and tune the new Evans 360 heads.
I am definitely sold on the 360 format.
The sound is bright and jazzy as you can hear from the video.
I used an EQ4 frosted head as the bass drum batter. I am also very pleased with that choice.
It is bright and punchy with just the right amount of muffling.
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I really didn't think the Level 360 was going to be as obvious a change until I tried it. I've put on several of the new style heads and I'm really impressed by how quickly they tune up.

Thank for the sound clip of the J1's! They have a really nice open tone, and they remind me a lot of the sound of the Strata 1000's I've used before. Of course, since the J1's aren't coated, they shouldn't have any coating-related issues like I had with the Strata.

Nice playing, beautiful drums, thanks for sharing!



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Thanks Winston, I saw a video that Steve Maxwell put up where he stated that the 360 heads fit well on vintage kits. I went to the Evans site and I liked the J1's. I went to YouTube and there was only a few vids about the J1 heads. I decided to give them a try and it has worked out well. I have used and liked Evans heads in the past but these 360 heads are real game changers.

The EQ4 bass drum head also fit and tuned really well even though it doesn't say 360 on the box that it came in.
Anyone who owns a vintage kit should give 360 heads a try.


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Thanks les, This is the first time that I have played these drums with mylar heads. I have played and loved the kit with real skin heads for the past month. I have only owned the kit for a few months.


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The Great Gretsch Sound
Thanks ID, and yes Grunt the old 3 ply shells do have a different sound. They can also handle tight tuning better than other drums from the era. I am very happy with how my Round Badge has turned out. They are very different from the 70's Stop Sign kit that I once owned. I definitely prefer the 3 ply shells to the later Gretsch shells of the 60's.


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I was using the Evans J1 etched heads (pre 360) on my DW Jazz series bop kit and really liked the sound of these heads. I did find they marked up and dented rather easily though. I was using these for Big Band gigs so volume levels could get up there. I would buy these heads again but use them for lower volume Acoustic trio or Quartet gigs.
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