Essential rudiments to a rock/gospel drummer?


A friend of mine recently picked up playing and he asked me to teach him some rudiments. He's been playing and can hold down a beat well, but he asked me for some good rudiments to start off with for uses in fills and the like.

I think that in time he'll branch out to more rudiments, but as of right now he only knows single/double stroke roll and I've been teaching him how to do flams and paradiddles along with how to use a metronome.


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Posted this just the other day in here.

10 of the ones I use all the time... I don't have flams, because I am going to make a flammed rudiment one, you can add flams to anything.

Here is some fun things you can do with paradiddles as triplets (not for beginners)

And I agree with the 6 stroke roll, but if you treat the Rll and llR seperate you can have a bunch of fun I practice. RllRllRllRll llRllRllRllR RllRll llRllR RllllR then start breaking them up.