Esquire Magazine: The 10 Craziest Drummers Ever:

Living Dead Drummer

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Josh is on the list because he works more than anyone one can ever hope to.
DRUM! published his calendar for 1 whole year a while back. He does in one month what I do in 12.... THAT is CRAZY!

Not sure I agree with Bozzio though.

Anon La Ply

Most of these mini bios could be summarised as: Had a bad drug* habit and did the kinds of crazy things people do when they have bad drug habits.

Josh Freese seems to have been deemed crazy for working in a satirical band (Devo).

Terry B is deemed crazy for assembling a kit large enough to have true melodic capability.

As with Josh, Tommy Lee's stage act (echoing the efforts of that model of sanity and temperance, Buddy Rich) seems to count as lunacy.

* Both legal and illegal


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You're never going to agree with a list like this, are you? I don't understand the inclusion of Bozzio either, or the exclusion of Rat Scabies who, in his prime, set fire to more drum kits than I ever expect to own, created the whole "spitting" fad of the Punk era, used to have a dead rat hanging over the front of his bass drum, and destroyed many a hotel room.

If he had succeeded in blowing himself up when attempting to connect his lighter flame to the petrol pouring from a pump at a petrol station doubtless he would have made the list. Apparently he was too drunk to get the two to meet.

Oh, and he was a great drummer BTW.