Erroneously entitled: "Nobody Cares"


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This is probably mostly true, though a guitarist I played with said he really liked how expressive my ride cymbal was.
I think other musicians really notice other instruments if/when the sound they make complements their own playing, making themselves sound better.

Or on the other end of the spectrum when the sounds don't go together, and everything sounds horrible.


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I haven't read anything except the first post because meh.

The fact is that when you are buying drum gear, you are buying for yourself. What is the point in playing stuff you hate the sound of? Why then do you think there are a million different cymbals out there to choose from? Because we all have different tastes.

Not once in my entire 15+ years of drumming have I ever thought "Gee, I hope the ladies in the corner of the pub like the sound of this here Paiste crash."

You should buy and play what sounds good to YOU.

Who cares what other people think? That's what I don't get. Since when was this about what the audience thinks of your cymbals? That will never extend beyond a fellow drummer going "Hurr, your Paistes are crap, you should get Zildjian."

It's the exact same reason gear snobbery is utterly pointless. I love my Gretsch, and I would never bother buying anything else because of how awesome it is. This is why I play it, because *I* love the way it sounds. Of course I'm going to be proud of compliments from other people on how the kit sounds, but all that does is reinforce *my* opinion of the kit.

Bo, you may be almost 100% right: Nobody cares. But why should you care that nobody cares? Do YOU care about how your drums sound? If not, fine. Play whatever the hell you want. That's entirely the point: you are playing what YOU want to play :).

But just for the record, as an audience member, I do care what your drums sound like. If you don't bother to tune your drums, then I am JUDGING YOU because it's obvious you don't put the effort in. Lazy!


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How many of us drummers can hear or care about the difference of a cheap Squire Stratocaster and the top notch Fender US custom shop?

Not many I am guessing.


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I have had "other drummers" come up to me between sets and ask questions and give comments about my gear..but thats about it.. when I was playing heavy rock I once had a drummer drool all over my 300 pound Lars snare after he asked to lift it up to see how heavy it was.. I guess my point is I'll take a Brumski over "other drummer" drool anyday...


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How many of us drummers can hear or care about the difference of a cheap Squire Stratocaster and the top notch Fender US custom shop?

Not many I am guessing.
I care when the cheap Strat goes out of tune in 10 minutes and I have to listen to crappy tuning for a whole set. :)
Guitarists suck sometimes.

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Also I'll bet even a drummer that never played a guitar before could feel the difference between those two. Run your hand down the neck of a cheap guitar and you can feel those fret tang grabbing your hand. mmm... cheap...


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Drummers often come up after a gig and say they liked certain cymbals a lot or ask what what my cymbals are. I like it when that happens.


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Last February I started playing out a Crush acrylic kit. At nearly every gig, someone comes up and tells me how cool it looks. I don't believe anyone has ever commented on the sound apart from sound guys and other drummers.

I sit in with a huge variety of jam band guys pretty regularly and most of them have commented on my Saluda cymbals, but again only because they look different than the standard fare.

So...look good for the crowd and sound good for yourself.